Huntsville Art Walk

The Downtown Huntsville Art Walk, one of my favorite summer-time traditions. I participated in my first Huntsville art walk two summers ago. Then I was selling more paintings and just dabbling in jewelry making. My painting business had just launched and I was feeling very grateful and full of creativity and motivation after seeing my work leaving going to new homes.

Owning your own business is one of most rewarding / most stressful jobs in the entire world. I salute all entrepreneurs and artists who work for themselves full-time all around the world. I honestly couldn't imagine doing anything else with my time or my life. I love every second working for myself. It's all hours of the day, 7 days a week. I'm always working, but with all the work comes the sweetest rewards.

If you've ever helped me with an event before you know how much work they are. From packing up, setting up, working the show and then breakdown. It's a huge time and energy commitment and I couldn't thank those who dedicate their time to help me succeed.

This field is very hard to be in. There are so many people doing just what I'm doing in every city in the world. With that being said, after every show, when I see all my work spread out amongst tables, with people I know and love supporting me and purchasing my work. With total strangers telling me they've been following my work for months and only came to the show because of me. There is NO greater feeling in the world than that.

Mary Kathryn Design is being sold in over 12 local retail stores throughout 5 states. I've shipped jewelry to just about every state and 4 different countries throughout the world. I am so thankful to be running my business full-time and I thank God everyday for the support from my friends, my family, all the people whom I haven't yet met wear my designs. For all the friends who tell everyone they meet about me and my work and those who keep business cards in their wallets. I couldn't thank you enough!

I look forward to doing more shows throughout the USA and expanding even more during this next year operating full-time.

Please enjoy these GORGEOUS photos from my last trunk show. Janna Park always works her magic and photographs exactly is in my head. I don't know how she does it. I couldn't pick just one so all of them are listed below.

Follow her work on instagram at @janna.park on

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and visit her website here:

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